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31/8 หมู่ 2 ตำบลวิชิต อำเภอเมือง
จังหวัดภูเก็ต 83000

31/8 Moo 2, T.Vichit,  A.Muang,
Phuket 83000 Thailand.

โทร./TEL: 66-7626-4264

โทรสาร/FAX: 66-7626-4364


Product : () | เครื่องช่วยชีวิตเด็กแรกคลอดฉุกเฉิน

Infant Care Center (Infant Radiant Warmer)

YON DON Infant Care Centers provide thermal support by the far-infra red heater produces mild radiant heat, no light that is uncomfortable to infant's or personnel's eyes, with servo control for newborns in the delivery suite, for critically ill infants who require constant nursing intervention, and for infants undergoing treatment that prolongs exposure to a cool environment.

Servo & Manual Control
Microprocessor Control System
Alarm System
Far-Infraed Heater
Elapsed Time Display
Removable Heater
I.V. Pole & Monitor Shelf & Drawer
Quick Tool-Free Baby Tray Slope Adjustment
"N" means Oxygen Delivery System (Option)
Control systemServo & Manual Control
Microprocessor Control System
Baby Tray Slope AdjustmentQuick Tool-Free Baby Tray Slope Adjustment
(7 Sections)
Heater SourceFar-Infraed Heater
Consumption: 600W
Alarm System1) Sensor Failure
2) Over-High/Low Temp
3) System Failure
4) Heating Over 15 Min
5) Heater Failure
6) Power Failure?Sound?
Skin/Bed Temp. Control Range28 ~ 37 ?
Skin/Bed Display25 ~ 42 ?
Skin/Bed Temp. Resolution0.1 ?
Fluorescent Lamp20W x 2
Anti-Broken & Clear Lamp Protector
Extra-Soft Skin Probe1.3 x 2.6 MM
High, Low Skin/Bed Temp. AlarmSET ? 0.5 ~ 3 ?
Heater Output Indicator (Digital)0~100%
Heater & Lamp Dimension78cm x 26cm x 8cm
(? 2cm)
Baby Tray Dimension78 x 52cm or 78 x 58cm
(? 2cm)
External & Stand Dimension104cm x 56~ 62cm x H 185cm
(? 2cm)
Heater Reflection Patches10 pcs (Diamete : 3.2cm)
Elapsed Time Display0:00~23:59~0:00
An Intervals of 5 min
1 sec chirp
Removable HeaterPlane Movement R. or L
70 or 90 Degree Convenient for X-Ray
Optional accessoriesOxygen delivery system
1) Oxygen flowmeter
2) Oxygen multiway adaptor
3) Oxygen regulator
4) Oxygen auto-resuscitator
5) Air-activated suction
6) Test bag
7) Mask
8) Connecting tube for cylinder & central oxygen ?
? ? system (3M)
Others optional accessories1) Oxygen Head Hood
2) X -Ray Cassette Holder
3) Luminescence High Inspecting Lamp (50W)
4) The Revolving Tray
? ? (Revolvable Diagonal Over 35x35cm) ? ?
5) Resuscitator Air Pressure Monitor
6) Oxygen & Air Blender
7) Oxygen Monitor And Controller
8) Quick Hands-Free Protect Plate
9) Electrical auto-tiltable operating bed
10) Electrical auto-elevation of central stand
? ? ? (food control to raise and lower bed)

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